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  • Sydney, Australia computer support

    08 Jan, 2018

    One of the standout benefits provided by IT consulting businesses these days is computer support. Computer support services are advantageous because they allow the individuals managing IT environments to make sure technical issues are taken care of in the fastest way possible. This means that loss of information and downtime are kept to an absolute minimum.

    Having a network up as much as possible and protecting your data are critical to operating a successful company, especially one which relies heavily on its IT infrastructure. Here are a few of the leading advantages of computer and tech support services:

    Develop Your Organization’s IT Readiness and Knowledge

    For businesses that are not confident in dealing with IT networks without external help, having computer support services covered by an outside provider may be invaluable to a network’s stability. The same people will be handling the network in a consistent manner.

    If you have a disaster recovery service, you will understand that, irrespective of your preparedness for a crisis event, you will want to know that there is support on-hand, ensuring that you are ready for any issues which might arise.

    Having Sydney computer support services which you can access at a time of a crisis, will build your own know-how of IT infrastructure over time and enable you to tackle IT problems yourself.

    Reduced Costs

    As companies provide a fixed charge pricing structure, it is simple to predict month-to-month expenditures. Many companies find this less expensive than employing a full-time IT expert directly working for your business.

    While it might seem as if you’re paying for services you do not always need, having computer support services is like having a company insurance policy. Essentially, the less you need them, the better things are going: it pays for them to keep your systems in top condition.

    In the end, if you suffer an emergency, you’ll save money as you’ll be ready to deal with circumstances which may have otherwise been a disaster.

    An IT emergency has the potential to cripple a business and these events have caused numerous companies to go under, but with experienced computer support services, an emergency might be only one call away from being repaired.

    Paired with a strongly strategized network infrastructure, support services are the padding added to a suit of armor.

    Improved Customer Satisfaction

    Sydney computer support services keep a network operating more often, and with less downtime; you’ll see an improved response from your clients as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. No one has time for downtime. You do not like it and neither do your clients.

    Without a network that is reliable, your business cannot be trusted by its clients, and computer support services aid in ensuring that your organization is always prepared to deliver on the promises made to your customers.

    Help with New Service Installation

    As disaster avoidance is a big concern for IT businesses, among the best advantages is being ready for installation of new equipment and services. IT infrastructure is changing constantly, and so too is the hardware and software necessary to shield that infrastructure.

    Newer installations create more questions, and computer support services are one of the most useful resources to have at your fingertips when these questions come up.

    How will I install the new equipment? How is the new software going to interact with our existing software? Are specific updates or adapters required to make the new installation correctly work with the present resources or equipment?

    Such inquiries may have complex answers which might be challenging to figure out without the help that computer support services might offer.

    For more information about Sydney, Australia computer support services contact Blutone Technologies at
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  • Sydney, Australia data recovery

    08 Jan, 2018

    There isn’t any denying the possible impact a natural disaster might have on your company. Ninety-four percent of businesses that have suffered catastrophic data loss end up closing their doors forever.

    While the natural disaster threat here in Sydney, Australia is real, to implement a data protection and disaster recovery plan that is solely focused on natural disasters is short-sighted. Loss of data may also result from a variety of small-scale events which affect only your business, such as:

    • theft
    • broken fire sprinkler heads
    • physical damage to storage media
    • accidental deletion
    • operating system or hardware failure

    The reason so many companies do not recover from data loss is tied directly to their inability to restore crucial data within a short period of time. Considering that reliable access to operational files, orders, and contracts, is essential for servicing your clientele, that is hardly surprising.

    The better a company’s capacity to minimize expensive downtime while data is restored, the more likely they are to survive this data loss. That’s why it is so important for your company to be able to recover from data loss as fast as possible.

    Redundancy is key

    All Sydney data recovery companies need to take into account the broad array of situations which might have an impact on the access of your digital data—from server crashes to flooded offices. Your first line of defense is backup. However, any backup plan should offer redundant steps for ensuring minimal interruption to business in case of a disaster.

    Online recovery and backup

    Managed cloud solutions allow for vital information to be backed up automatically on a routine basis, without having to acquire extra hardware or software. Your information is compressed, reduplicated, encrypted then transmitted to a vault inside a data facility.

    In case of data loss, crucial data can easily be deployed and recovered online. Backup on the internet provides these benefits:

    • multiple server, laptop and desktop configurations
    • online back-up monitoring
    • broad platform and application support

    Offsite data storage

    As recovery and backup online provides efficient and economical, critical business information management, it’s dependent on web connectivity. Regional natural disasters, like hurricanes, may make it impossible to restore data on the internet. And if online traffic is at its peak, it could take longer to recover your data.

    In turn, it is vital that you also have a local, offline vault solution. Storing all backup media in a secure offsite place allows for essential information to be shielded against physical damage from natural disasters, as well as being rapidly deployed to a designated hot site. Specialized vault facilities designed specifically for media storage offer these benefits:

    • privacy protection
    • long-term preservation
    • regulatory compliance
    • barcode management and tracking
    • climate-controlled protection

    Like cloud-managed solutions, offsite physical services permit data to be rapidly restored and deployed to meet business continuity goals.

    Know precisely who to contact BEFORE emergencies occur

    As you are worried, stressed out, and faced with data loss, browsing Google and flipping through Yelp reviews might lead you to the incorrect selection of service providers. Having a present relationship with a recovery provider will give your staff peace of mind, even when they are dealing with a crisis.

    If you have met one-on-one and taken a tour of the recovery center, then all the protocols for data recovery can be established. Be proactive in your assessment of a Sydney data recovery firm early on. Do not wait until you are in the grip of a crisis.

    Less Risk

    Search for companies that offer a damage-free diagnostic in order to ensure that the scenario is not made worse! That is one of the multiple advantages of a service provider over a do-it-yourself solution that carries no guarantee and 100 percent of the risk.

    For more information about Sydney, Australia data recovery services contact Blutone Technologies at
    1300 660 139.

  • Sydney, Australia email hosting

    01 Jan, 2018

    Modern-day email hosting plans are made for companies which can’t or don’t want to spend their valuable resources and time on managing and setting up an internal messaging infrastructure. It’s understandable because the ongoing support and maintenance may increase costs, and also vastly boost the possibility of virus infections, software and hardware issues. All these problems might leave your company without email function for hours, or even days.

    What Should You Search For?

    Email is such a prevalent communication method that it can easily run out of control. If you no longer have the ability to get a handle on your messaging infrastructure from the inside, it may be time to think about additional email hosting. There are several benefits to outsourcing all of your messaging needs to an expert Sydney hosting company. The following tips will cover some of the most substantial ones.

    Adequate Storage Space

    As you sign up a for an email hosting account, typically, you receive a decent amount of storage for every mailbox created. A few offer MB of storage, others provide you a GB per mailbox. All usually provide more than enough to store a multitude of messages. A more flexible option will permit you to upgrade as your storage requirements increase.

    Virus Filtering and Spam

    A high-quality email hosting service blocks possible harmful mail before it enters your network. Usually, anti-virus scanners can be integrated into a host’s SMTP gateways as spam is handled in various ways. An organization which really has a desire to help keep spam out of its life is going to employ filtering techniques like greylisting, whitelisting, and blacklisting, and permit you to make configurations which automatically sends suspect mail to a folder that is quarantined rather than the inbox.

    Shared Address Book

    An Address Book is a helpful feature in most email clients as it’ll provide a user with a convenient method of storing contact details for easy use and retrieval. Many email hosts provide both a shared and private address book, in conjunction with accessibility to public network directory solutions. In most instances, a shared address book may be utilized with any mail client which supports LDAP directory solutions.

    Secure Webmail Accessibility

    Generally, Sydney email hosting providers equip their mail servers with 128-bit industry standard encryption that’s active during the whole webmail session. Essentially, this means that all information sent from and to a server is encrypted from the time a user signs in, until the time he or she signs out. Using this proven security protocol, it’s possible to make sure that all sensitive messages won’t be compromised or intercepted in any way.

    Secure POP and IMAP Access

    Companies are choosing email hosting options more and more because they allow secure accessibility to desktop email clientele through POP or IMAP. Every bit of email traffic is encrypted, which includes passwords and user names sent from an email client to a mail server for authentication purposes. The top hosting providers support all of the popular mail clientele like Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, as well as Apple Mail. Some even provide support for BSD and Linux customers, as well as pocket PCs and PDAs. Whether you like to manage your mail offline or online, an email hosting program ensures that it’s done in a secure and efficient way.

    In Summary

    In e-Commerce, securing all data transfer forms is critical, as a single lapse in security might be blamed on your company and result in a loss of money, and perhaps even the loss of an entire business.

    For more information on Sydney, Australia email hosting services contact Blutone Technologies at
    1300 660 139.

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