About Blutone Technologies

About Blutone Technologies

Blutone Technologies is the IT champion of small business and individuals who believe their systems are “mission critical” to their success. Our corrective and preventative IT managed services enable you to finally experience “business and communications uninterrupted,” freed from unnecessary downtime and outages. Through superior system design, integration of existing systems, prevention oversight and rapid problem resolution, we reduce or eliminate the problems causing you and your business to be out-of-business and communications, missing sales opportunities and critical conversations.

Since its foundation in 2009, Blutone Technologies has increased IT system performance by over 70% for businesses and individuals across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific.

Our clients call us their “trusted IT concierge” as we work with them to step up to the “always on” demands of the digital age.

Our Vision


Blutone Technologies is a continually evolving Global Managed Service Provider with a socially diverse and experienced team that provides genuine care and excellent value to our customers – 24/7. We offer a wide range of on-demand IT solutions using a technical concierge model customized for Personal, Small Office/Home Office (Entrepreneur), small businesses, SMEs and Corporations.

Our Mission


We build bridges between technologies and our customers, we provide our clients with the most professional, cost effective services, in order to keep your business environment functioning with minimal disruption.

My Personal Helpdesk is Blutone Technologies’ technical concierge service designed to protect you from the bad effects of unexpected downtimes, lost hours, wasted money, angry bosses and irate clients. Tailored to fit your budget, our concierge services provide a range of coverage to meet your specific needs.

Our Values


Resourceful – We go above and beyond to find the best solution for your issues, placing your needs first in determining and delivering services.

Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction – We go beyond customer service – we want our clients to experience our meticulous commitment to their success.

Integrity – We clearly communicate options, suggest resolutions, and keep our commitment to deliver the agreed upon service within your time and budget constraints.

Value – We know that you need value for your precious financial resources – and that our solutions need to meet your standards and deliver the outcome you desire.

Global Citizenship – We cherish/embrace diversity between cultures, we respect and understand differences, we adapt to global culture responsibly.

Local Expertise/Worldwide Services – From our base in Sydney, we offer hands-on solutions for local businesses as well as round-the-clock virtual services for individuals and companies around the world.

To find out more about Blutone Technologies and our concierge services, contact us or call us 1300 660 139.

Why Choose Us

  • Tech Expert on demand – for quick fixes 123
  • Solutions tailored to your needs
  • Tech Expert on-site – for those hands on solutions
  • Priority access for Entrepreneur and Business
  • Free Membership – to get you started
  • Remote concierge service
  • Free Tech Expert advice – to point you in the right direction
  • On-site concierge service
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