Website Security and Maintenance

Website Security and Maintenance

Website Maintenance

*All prices are ex GST

1. Weekly backup and recovery

  • Content
  • Database
  • Themes

2. Platform version upgrades and plugins update (scripts, patches, databases, image/bandwidth theft, etc)

  • WordPress core
  • Plugins
  • Apache server – Hosting company

3. Website health checks

  • Website performance/page load / Site Speed Optimization
  • SSL security check/shopping cart/e-commerce
  • Cpanel virus scan/ manual process.
  • Clearing unwanted logs.
  • Re-indexing website data.
  • Regular JavaScript conflict check-up.
  • Installing version patches if available and updated by provider.
  • Regular code backup.
  • Consultation service for any potential projects or enhancements.
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Website Prepaid Package

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