Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions


What are the IT issues you find most difficult? What if there were a simple way to manage challenges like these:

  • Need for increased productivity
  • Business-critical data is potentially at risk
  • Network downtime has become a regular occurrence
  • Keeping current with latest technologies is cost-prohibitive
  • We have a solution for you.

We have a solution for you.

Blutone Technologies works with you to plan and build a powerful cloud-based network for your business - with increased productivity, protections for business-critical data, and decreased network downtime.

Cloud Solutions offer flexibility and reliability for your business. When you take advantage of the “cloud” it means you can sync your data with anytime, anywhere access using a PC or any other Internet-enabled device.

Cloud Solutions also equal lower costs. Rather than investing heavily in hardware, software and people-ware, Cloud Solutions and Services allow you to make your IT costs more manageable.

Make sure your business technology is up-to-date. This will not only improve your data accessibility and security, it will make your team members much more efficient – and happier as they accomplish more in less time.

Contact us now to start migrating your business IT setup to the cloud.

We have set up Cloud Services for numerous businesses seeking to:

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