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We approached Blutone Technologies because we needed specialist IT support.

Blutone Technologies helped us by managing our IT requirements in an expeditious, professional and exemplary manner.

The result over the past eight years has been efficient, state of the art operating systems maintained by professional technical support staff.

One thing we liked was their professionalism and ingenuity.

We have found and continue to find the experience invaluable.

We would recommend Blutone Technologies to any business, without hesitation.



Blutone has helped keep our business on track for over 3 years now. At a time when tech change is so rapid, we know that we can rely on Blutone’s speed and agility to minimize downtime and maximize opportunity.



We work in the Dental Industry, and meeting the daily demands of our work keeps us quite busy during the day. In addition to that we have the issues of technological advancements and continuing education matters.

In today´s Dentistry we also have management areas, that require a high level of awareness namely Accounting, Legal Advice and Software/Hardware Information Technology.

However, understanding the complexity of all of this is one thing and being able to handle each and every one of them is a different thing all together.

We recognise the ability of professionalism of a number of Companies, then we have the dilemma of finding that particular Company we can communicate with and trust.

We have worked together with Blutone Technologies Pty Ltd for the last 8 years and have witnessed not only their level of Expertise but also and perhaps more important their high level of Customer Service.

it has been a good relationship and we envisage a long lasting one

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