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Blutone Technologies’ Web Design Solutions provide effective website designs and solutions that not only represent your business online but also add to your business’s success.

Today, it’s not enough to have a distinctive website (which we can provide you with), you also need to make sure that your website generates and leaves a positive impression. This means, visitors to your website actually engage with your business.

Want them to purchase your items or services? Our web-design experience can help plan and build the right website for your offering. From using the right color-combination, to writing the copy and choosing where each buy or engage button should be placed, our web designers and marketing experts are here to help.

Get the performing website you need, call us today to setup a meeting or leave an email. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

WordPress Website Design & Development Services

You’ve probably heard of WordPress, the popular Content Management System (CMS) which started as a way to make blogging easy for the average person. Created on an open source platform, it was quickly picked up by a large community of developers who expanded its capabilities. WordPress can now be used to set up everything from simple blogs to complex websites and e-commerce sites.

Blutone Technologies offers an array of WordPress services:


We’ll install and configure your WordPress website to take full advantage of its capabilities.


Engage your clients and customers with top-notch website design and get your business moving with customized interaction.


Have a WordPress theme you like? With custom theme development, we create the look you want with the functions and efficiency you need.


Need a special function or process? We can recommend and install the right plugin to do the job – or develop a custom plugin just for your site.


We’ll optimize SEO on your WordPress-based site to bring your search engine rankings to prominence.

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