Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions


Your data – your business.

Backup solutions to put your mind at ease.

Blutone Technologies backup solutions minimize downtime and speed disaster recovery.

With the leading virtual architecture and multiple redundancies, your data is assured to be safe, secure, and replicable when needed.

Using cloud technology, your live data is moved offsite, simply and securely. Because cloud technology is available anywhere, backups are secured remotely without offsite infrastructure investment.

Blutone Technologies manages your virtual data backups – so you don’t have to – and eliminates both the risk of catastrophic data loss and the financial overhead normally associated with a robust data recovery program.

Backing up with Blutone Technologies isn’t just a safety precaution, it’s the insurance you need to get back to work with full data recovery and minimal revenue loss in the event of a disaster. 1 in 6 recovery backups fail – don’t let your company be that one. Ensure your data is always there, with 24/7 accessibility.

Get the business advantage.

Your business will gain many advantages from our backup solutions:

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