Application Streaming

Application Streaming


Application Streaming provides your application as a cloud service which can be delivered to desired devices without the need for software installation. It is cost efficient and requires reduces maintenance requirements as it centralises the management and patching.

Turn to Application Streaming for its simplicity and affordability, plus other important benefits:

  • Mobility : Access your essential applications from smartphones, tablets and PC’s, anytime, anywhere. Your applications are available from any device and are easy for management of BYOD deployments
  • Scalability : Only pay for what you use and scale up or down as required as your team grows or refines
  • Security : Your data is protected with standardised security across all platforms and devices. The administrator has control over who has access to the applications and can restrict or terminate services as they see fit
  • Savings : Reduce upfront investments, software expenses and unexpected costs, Application Streaming is billed at predictable monthly user fees
  • Performance : Run your applications seamlessly and with exceptional end-user experience. Application Streaming is fast, reliable and delivers on performance

Streamline business and make your essential applications accessible in a safe, secure, available and affordable way. Application Streaming affordably simplifies your organisation and allows you to get the most out of your essential business tools.

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