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Providing Remote Tech Support in Darlington

Blutone Technologies is dedicated to providing individuals and small business owners with the best possible preventive and corrective IT services. For example, providing Darlington remote technical support gives a way for us to rapidly help solve problems without our customers leaving their home or business or paying for a site visit, further proving our commitment to helping our customers in any way we can.

Remote computer support for an IT problem provides a quick, easy solution without requiring a visit to your home or business by a technician. In Darlington, remote tech support saves time and money by allowing our IT concierge services to make a virtual visit and fix your very real problem without anyone leaving their desk or home.

Blutone Technologies provides Darlington remote computer support without compromising the quality of service. Our remote access service can reduce your yearly service call expenses by anywhere from 30% to 70%.

For Darlington, remote IT support is a flexible service that can be modified to meet our client’s specific needs.

Advantages of Blutone Technologies’ Remote IT Tech Services

Whenever possible, we manage your IT needs remotely by providing:

  1. Improved efficiency through streamlined processes tailored to address well-known issues
  2. Service that augments on-site services whenever possible
  3. Communication directly with customers helping them to solve their specific IT problems
  4. Minimized service call costs
  5. Quick, effective assistance in emergency situations 24/7
  6. Effective use of technology to minimize computer or laptop downtime

Secure Remote Access Software

At Blutone Technologies, we use state-of-the-art remote access software to solve your problems without compromising your IT systems. Our remote IT concierge gives our users:

  1. Full control over connections to their devices with permission-based software
  2. The ability to watch our technicians as they work, to chat during the session, and to end it when they choose
  3. The ability to automatically remove the support client from their device at the end of the session
  4. User-limited tech access to certain functions with role-based security permissions
  5. Session audit functions that capture the details of what happened during the session
  6. Two-factor authentication for all remote logins
  7. Secure, persistent connections for access that do not require customer action

Proactive Customer Outreach and Education

Blutone Technologies proactively encourages our customers to update their login credentials and to choose strong passwords, as well as, educating them on what to look for in terms of remote breaches and scams.

We believe that customer education is key to establishing our business as a trusted technology advisor, and that is why our remote support and access software offers transparency and security. Our customers understand exactly how it works, and why it is safe to use.

At Blutone Technologies, we educate our customers on how to avoid remote access scams. Beware of the following:

  1. Watch out for unexpected phone calls stating that there is an issue with your computer. Blutone Technologies will never call to offer remote support services. We respond to calls, we do not initiate them.
  2. Do not respond to suspicious pop-up messages and emails soliciting a phone call. Contact us immediately on our usual number and let us know what happened.
  3. Legitimate technology professionals never use fear tactics or coercion to gain access to a machine. Call us if you receive such a call.

We make sure that our customers understand that they should never allow someone they do not know and trust to take control of their machine. Unsolicited requests for remote access can be dangerous.

Your safety and security is our priority at Blutone Technologies. We will ensure that you and your machines are safe to use, and that you have the relevant knowledge to keep them safe from opportunists and IT predators. However, if something does end up going wrong, we will give Darlington remote desktop support right away, ensuring that your computer and sensitive information are safe.

At the same time, we give Darlington remote support that is top-notch and risk-free. If you are in need of our services, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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