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Sydney IT Solutions

At Blutone Technologies we offer may different services to our customers including cloud services, data recovery, web hosting, email hosting, IT tech support, computer support and more. We offer these services to those living in Sydney and surrounding areas.

Sydney, Australia

One of the premier cities in the world, Sydney has become a hub for young professionals, tourists, and people looking to live in an environmentally conscious place. Between its world-famous Opera House, to the site that hosted the 2000 Summer Olympic games, there is much to see and do here. Ranked as one of the leading places in the world in economic opportunity, Sydney joins the ranks of London, Tokyo, and New York City on the list of places where business can thrive on a global level. People from all walks of life are proud to Sydney their home, as it is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. Blutone Technologies has been serving the businesses of Sydney for many years and plans to do so for many more years to come. To learn more about the services we offer in Sydney, please click the links below.

Cloud Services - There are a lot of amazing benefits to using the cloud. For one, you have an automatic backup in case one of your computers or laptops break or get lost. In the past, once a computing device was gone, so was all of the information stored within it. Now, you can have that information stored on the internet in a secured location.

Data Recovery - Theft, system failure, and accidental catastrophic damage are all much more common than you might think. When this does happen, what will it mean for your company? Do you have the knowledge, the time, and the capital to do what it takes to recover everything that you lost? You might not think it could happen to you, but more than one company has completely gone out of business because they weren’t prepared and couldn’t recover. Blutone Technologies has made data recovery something that doesn’t have to cripple your company.

Web Hosting - Managed hosting and supplementary managed IT services, permit businesses to outsource the management of their whole IT infrastructure to a reputable provider. Here are the top five reasons why managed services and managed hosting may be advantageous to a company’s IT plan structure.

Email Hosting - The primary form of communication that any company utilizes is email, so when it goes down, the company can often go down with it. Blutone Technologies can host your email services for you, keeping your communication stream open and secured.

IT Support - If things do happen to go wrong, we can get on top of it immediately, solving the issue, and allowing you to get back to business without losing time, effort, and money trying to solve it on your own.

Computer Support - One of the standout benefits provided by IT consulting businesses these days is computer support. Computer support services are advantageous because they allow the individuals managing IT environments to make sure technical issues are taken care of in the fastest way possible.

Remote Support - Blutone Technologies is dedicated to providing individuals and small business owners with the best possible preventive and corrective IT services. For example, providing Sydney remote technical support gives a way for us to rapidly help solve problems without our customers leaving their home or business or paying for a site visit, further proving our commitment to helping our customers in any way we can.

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