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Ultimo Email Hosting

Modern-day email hosting plans are made for companies which can’t or don’t want to spend their valuable resources and time on managing and setting up an internal messaging infrastructure. It’s understandable because the ongoing support and maintenance may increase costs, and also vastly boost the possibility of virus infections, software and hardware issues. All these problems might leave your company without email function for hours, or even days.

What Can You Do To Fix It?

Email is such a prevalent communication method that it can easily run out of control. If you no longer have the ability to get a handle on your messaging infrastructure from the inside, it may be time to think about additional email hosting. There are several benefits to outsourcing all of your messaging needs to an expert Ultimo hosting company. The following tips will cover some of the most substantial ones.

Storage Space

As you sign up a for an email hosting account, typically, you receive a decent amount of storage for every mailbox created. A few offer MB of storage, others provide you a GB per mailbox. All usually provide more than enough to store a multitude of messages. A more flexible option will permit you to upgrade as your storage requirements increase.

Protection against Outside Forces

A high-quality email hosting service blocks possible harmful mail before it enters your network. Usually, anti-virus scanners can be integrated into a host’s SMTP gateways as spam is handled in various ways. An organization which really has a desire to help keep spam out of its life is going to employ filtering techniques like greylisting, whitelisting, and blacklisting, and permit you to make configurations which automatically sends suspect mail to a folder that is quarantined rather than the inbox.

Address Book You Can Share

An Address Book is a helpful feature in most email clients as it’ll provide a user with a convenient method of storing contact details for easy use and retrieval. Many email hosts provide both a shared and private address book, in conjunction with accessibility to public network directory solutions. In most instances, a shared address book may be utilized with any mail client which supports LDAP directory solutions.

Webmail Session Security

Generally, Ultimo email hosting providers equip their mail servers with 128-bit industry standard encryption that’s active during the whole webmail session. Essentially, this means that all information sent from and to a server is encrypted from the time a user signs in, until the time he or she signs out. Using this proven security protocol, it’s possible to make sure that all sensitive messages won’t be compromised or intercepted in any way.

POP and IMAP Encryption

Companies are choosing email hosting options more and more because they allow secure accessibility to desktop email clientele through POP or IMAP. Every bit of email traffic is encrypted, which includes passwords and user names sent from an email client to a mail server for authentication purposes. The top hosting providers support all of the popular mail clientele like Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, as well as Apple Mail. Some even provide support for BSD and Linux customers, as well as pocket PCs and PDAs. Whether you like to manage your mail offline or online, an email hosting program ensures that it’s done in a secure and efficient way.

To Summarize

In e-Commerce, securing all data transfer forms is critical, as a single lapse in security might be blamed on your company and result in a loss of money, and perhaps even the loss of an entire business.

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